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his is the central page for the many sermon resources we offer. We try to offer a comprehensive set of homiletic aids. We offer distinctive ways of approaching the homiletic task.
We provide up to date and timely material to help you with your research for your homiletic task each week. We try to save you time by helping you with your lectionary text or thematic idea while providing you with a first class library of sermons for reflection and study. We also have a great source of illustrations and prayers.

The Sermon Mall is a very large electronic library of resources for sermon preparation. This web publication is one of the oldest if not the oldest web sermon library..

LectionAid is a construction set for the busy preacher, with illustrations and approach suggested. You add your knowledge of the needs of your congregation and we add the background research

Preaching Great Texts is a Theme/Topical preaching resources for the lectionary and non-lectionary Preacher. "A new and creative approach to preaching."

The material posted on our websites is intended for research and educational purposes. Permission is granted to our subscribers to make use of this material, but please be sure to attribute your sources in recognition of the work done by our authors, and in recognition of their copyright privileges. We encourage and recommend the use of only limited portions of the sermon material.

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